Actively Response to the Proposal of ONE BELT ONE ROAD, Chainzone energizes the ITS Construction of Russia

Actively response to the proposal of ONE BELT ONE ROAD, Chainzone provided smart highway solutions to Russia. For years, Chainzone has successfully provided sets of traffic signal products to the expressways in Russia. Facing the extreme weather, the products from Chainzone remained stable and energized the smart highway construction in Russia.

The temperature in the winter in Russia would be lower than -60°C. In such extreme environment, the traffic signal products from Chainzone show strong performance.

In the aspect of optical performance, Chainzones variable message sign adopts the len technology, which can guarantee effective light aggregation and avoid dazzling to have a clear vision of the warning content on the board even on the snowy road.

In the aspect of hardware performance, Chainzones indicators adopt no mask design, which can keep the display smooth and clear with no snow. The protection level can be reached IP65 and the VMS are equipped with aluminium alloy cabinets that can protect the indicators from wind and snow and guarantee the smooth operation in extreme weather.

The gradual completion of transportation development in Russia will accelerate Sino-Russian cooperation. Chainzone will keep devoting ourselves to providing more LED displays, LED traffic products and Led lighting of good quality to the world.