The Power to Go - Chainzone’s Trailer VMS Supporting the Construction of Smart Transportation

A publicity tour aiming to bring traffic safety to the rural area was held in Nansha District, Guangzhou. Trailer VMS of Chainzone made a brilliant appearance in this grand event to support the local government in smart transportation development.

Actually, Chainzones trailer VMS has been used in different countries and regions for years and played a significant impact on our daily travelling.

Applying in multiple traffic scenes, Chainzones trailer VMS has characteristics of high brightness and good optical effect.

On the road of the Netherlands, we used full color module design and good mobility to provide real-time traffic information and speed limiting solutions to drivers, so as to alert them to pay attention to the speed and other emergencies to avoid traffic accidents.

Except for the mobility, the trailer VMS of Chainzone adopts the two-in-one charging designs that both solar power and electric supply are available without extra conversion equipment. The function of direct charging with solar power can not only achieve low consumption and energy saving, but also guarantee flexible applications in different scenarios.

Moreover, with outstanding visual effects, Chainzones trailer VMS plays a positive traffic induction effect on Australian roads.

The wide publicity of smart traffic endows more missions to Chainzone. Smartly conducting traffic is imperative! We hope we can support more ITS projects to promote the global ITS industry towards the direction of green, efficiency and interaction and make contributions to accelerating the digitization development of intelligent transportation systems.