Step into European Stadium, Imposa’s LED Display Cheers for the Games

With the curtain of the Olympic Winter Games of Beijing coming down in 2022, the global sports industry sees a worldwide wave of sports. Gained numerous favour and attention, the sports industry has incredible business value. Sports games are shining brilliantly!

Europe, one of the most developed areas of global sports industry, won great attention from UEFA (the European League of Football). Imposa actively energized the development of European sports and the upgrade of the industry.

Imposa provides professional sport display solutions with astonishing visual enjoyment to stadiums in France, Turkey and other European countries.

La Defense Arena, located in Paris, France, is a comprehensive egg-shaped stadium. It can provide 3 different configuration sites. For example, the configuration of rugby can provide up to 30,681 seats

Imposa provides 2 outdoor Led display solutions (Size 117each) to Paris La Defense Arena, which can show advertising, games flow and real-time competitions.

Inside the stadium, Imposa provides a giant sports LED screen, which overall length exceeds 377 meters. This solution has the characteristic of high contrast, high refresh rate and ultra-wide field vision, which can vivid and delicate pictures. This work is regarded as the trendy benchmark for international sports venues.

Whats worth keeping an eye on is the Olympic Summer 2024 which the swimming contest will be held here.

In Olympique PARC Stadium in Lyon, France, Imposas sport LED solution won the approval of UEFA and lit up the passion of the audience by providing gorgeous visual enjoyment and added splendour to the sports games.

The Vodafone Arena in Turkey, the home court of Besiktas, the Turkish football team, can seat 30,000+ audience. Imposas sport display will improve the experience of the audience with colorful vivid pictures and provide good quality display effect to energize the splendid events.

The sports industry ushers in the new development phase of digitalization. Imposa speeds up the layout of the sports track with an intelligent display solutions, provides digital support to enhance the cluster effect of sports games and makes contributions to the development of the sports sector.