About the advantages of led floodlights

Advantage 1: Irradiation angle adjustment

The LED floodlight is actually a spotlight, and its illumination angle can be adjusted, so its use is more flexible. And the general floodlight will have an angle adjustment scale plate, and adjusting according to the mark on the scale plate can make the installation more accurate.

Advantage 2: Wide range of applications

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the size of LED floodlights is very small, so it can meet the needs of a wider range of installation sites. The lamp is not prone to damage during use, and it will not heat up due to long use, so its service life is relatively long.

Advantage three: good lighting effect

Since the floodlight is actually a spotlight and has the function of spotlighting, the effect of the light emitted is very good. The color of the light is bright, and the color purity is high, not dazzling, and the light is soft. In addition, because the LED floodlight has high luminous efficiency and low power consumption, it is very power-saving during use.