Application of led direction guidance sign

There are many manifestations of self-luminous signs, so let's pick a few common methods for your reference.
Back light structure
Backlighting is commonly known as backlighting. The light source is installed in the back of the character and in the shell, and it is a kind of luminous character that shines on the wall.
The backlit logo is beautiful and elegant, with strong three-dimensional effect, soft light without glare, and strong plasticity. It can be installed on the outdoor door or indoor image wall according to different methods.
The large-size back-illuminated logo is very eye-catching, and can generally be used as a LOGO sign for the company's entrance.

The small-scale backlit logo helps to enhance the warmth of the environment, and is suitable for the entrance of hotel rooms, cafes, and small restaurants.
The material of the back luminous characters is generally stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, acrylic, crystal, iron sheet, etc., the most common is stainless steel. After the metal has a built-in light source, it can be installed suspended from the wall or mounted on the wall, and the light is directly irradiated on the installation surface. That can achieve a hazy beauty.
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