Chainzone’s new studio solution, opens a new media visual feast

As LED display products become more and more popular, people are more pursuing high-quality visual experience and diversified screen function, which prompts the continuous development of fine-pitch products. Fine-pitch products can bring new visual experience, in the future, it must be very Influential.

Compared to traditional LED display products, the flexible applications brought by fine-pitch LED products will be much more.

Fine-pitch LED compared with traditional LEDs, its low-brightness but high-refresh rates and high grayscale, which can bring a new visual impact to audience. Compared to traditional LED products in terms of brightness, grayscale, contrast, resolution, and service life, there are also obvious advantage of the fine pitch products. The seamless splicing, excellent color performance, and low energy consumption of the fine pitch products have also been unanimously affirmed by the public. What’s more, the birth of the fine pitch products has made LED products develop towards scene, diversification, and humanity.

The LED screen as the background of the live broadcast of Foshan Radio, it needs to face the camera shooting, the refresh rate and display effect of the display screen are relatively high. At the same time, because the live broadcast room area is limited, the viewing distance is relatively close. In order to achieve a better display effect, Chainzone designed P1.58 fine pitch products,which is equipped with a 3840Hz refresh rate. The effect of watching and shooting at close range is very excellent.

#Foshan Power Bureau Hall
P1.9 fine pitch products, curved custom design

The LED screen is customized according to the on -site building to allow it to fully fit the floor arc guardrail. In order to fit the arc -shaped guardrail better, the boxes and modules of the display are processed. And decorative frame is also made in customized shapes. Although the sunlight is directly shot on the display, the high brightness effect can perfectly restore the display content in the case of direct light.

#Foshan Radio Room
P1.5 fine pitch products

The LED screen is also made in a curved customization based on the environment on the scene. It is a P1.5 high -definition indoor screen. In the face of the camera's shooting, the LED screen was still show the brilliant display effect with no pressure.

At present, Chainzone's fine-pitch LED products have been widely used in airports, shopping centers, office buildings, smart transportation command centers, live media rooms and other scenarios. Our products meet the needs of more high-end customers with high differentiated customization and specific scenarios.

We also firmly believe that Chainzone's products can stand the market inspection. The market is changing, and customer requirements are constantly upgrading, but we can also provide customers with high -quality LED products!