ChainZONE Unlocks New Gameplay of Intelligent Public Transport in Netherlands

The strong network of public transport system in the Netherlands gives local people great convenience in traveling.

Dutch people have a strong sense of environmental protection, so they like to travel by public transportation. Moreover, Dutch people attach great importance to the timeliness, even if they often take public transportation, they will not allow themselves to be late or miss an appointment, which promotes the continuous development of the developed public transportation network in the Netherlands.
The LED platform screen of ChainZONE is particularly dazzling in a bus shelter in the Netherlands. The elegant design integrates with the bus shelter to provide clear information and guidance for passengers.
Considering the rainfall in the Netherlands, ChainZONE provides aluminum frame structure of the LED platform screen, with protection grade IP65, ensuring corrosion-resistant performance in rainy, foggy and smoggy weather.

It has automatic brightness control function to ensure that passengers can read the vehicle information clearly with the comfortable vision, which can the flexibly switch in various situations, quickly respond to the vehicle operation information, and greatly improve the travel efficiency.

ChainZONE combines the actual scene with local conditions to provide smart transportation solutions that are highly integrated with the local public transportation system in the Netherlands, comprehensively improving people's travel efficiency and freedom, and promoting the construction of smart transportation city in the Netherlands.