Chainzone Wins More Projects on Horti Lamps

As we all know, the plant growing need sufficient sunlight and nutrition. Winter is coming, the day in North Hemisphere is getting shorter while the night is getting longer. At this moment, we can see how important for LED horticulture lights to play well in its role, as supplement or main lighting for plant growth.

Latest, we mainly cooperate with several European customers for the LED grow light’s research and development. Customers give us the market info of the spectrum and ratio between red and blue light, and Chainzone provides the corresponding solution. After the testings and comparison, all customers are satisfied with its performance and say it does help plants to grow faster comparing to using HPS. We also win one big order for this reason. Below is introduction:

Specially developed for horticulture;
Properly balanced blue and red colors to optimize growth;
Improves the yield and quality of glasshouse crops;
More PAR on average compared to traditional HPS;
Great heat dissipation, no fan is needed;
Longer lifespan reaches 5 years warranty.

We also provide a convenient connecting way by using T connectors to chain more lamps while F connector for connecting dimming cables. Customers say high praise for Chainzone’s solution and hard work.

If you have any greenhouse lighting inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us!