Columbian President Showed up to Congratulate the Handover of the Tunnel Tesalia

The celebration of the handover of the Tesalia Tunnel in Cafeter ono District is grandly held on December 21st, 2021. Mr Ivan Duke, the President of Columbia and the representatives from the local transportation department presented and congratulated this gala. At present, this project has been handover up to 70 kilometers. The completion of the Tesalia Tunnel will insert vitality into local transport construction.

As a LED signals provider of the Tesalia Tunnel , Chainzone has provided a series of traffic signal products, such as lane indicators, speed limit signs and variable message signs with lens.

The safety issue of the tunnel is worth great attention that driving in the dim environment may easily cause traffic congestion or accidents. Products from Chainzone have good performance in clear display with high brightness that can have outstanding warning effect even in the dark light.

Different from the traditional traffic signal products, the products used in this project, such as lane indicators, speed limit signs and variable message signs with lens are of the optical performance advantages of high brightness and low power consumption. Meanwhile, facing  the problem of high difficulty in maintaining, the products from Chainzone are stable and reliable, dampproof, anti-corrosion, with protection level of IP65, which can greatly lengthen its service life.

The Tesalia Tunnel is predicted to be completed in August,2022, which will undoubtedly improve the mobility of the whole district and strengthen the connection of Columbia.

Chainzone wishes to bring more LED traffic products of good quality around the world and energize worldwide transportation projects.