Do you know what are the advantages of LED displays?

The LED display screen is equipped with a full-color display screen, and the introduction of higher-quality imported LED chips makes the screen image high-definition, uniform in color, low power consumption, lightweight, thin screen layer, and wide-area viewing angle, so it fails. Small probability, easy maintenance.

It mainly adopts the multimedia display card PCTV card that integrates various functions, with more excellent performance, more advanced acquisition methods, accurate video capture, and Studio editing software that matches the display card.

DVI interface technology is more advanced. There is no need for A/D and D/A conversion, which ensures the integrity of the picture image, reduces the possibility of details, and completely reproduces the computer image on the display screen. DVI can support all display modes, ensure the stable and reliable data display and also have a variety of integrated functions.

The indoor full-color system is used to alleviate the hidden dangers existing in the system display and transmission of a large amount of complex data, and full-color restoration is fully performed. Use the chip to complete the task of data distribution and display, convert the received data to pulse output, convert from 8-bit display data to 12-bit PWM, and upgrade to 4096-level grayscale control, realize non-linear 256-level visual grayscale display on the screen, and fully create a complete True color visual enjoyment.