Do you know what traffic lights are?

Traffic lights are signal lights that direct traffic operations, generally consisting of red lights, green lights, and yellow lights. A red light means no passage, a green light means passage is permitted, and a yellow light means a warning.

Traffic lights are divided into: motor vehicle signal light, non-motor vehicle signal light, pedestrian crossing signal light, direction indicator light (arrow signal light), lane signal light, flashing warning signal light, road and railway level crossing signal light.

At the intersection, there are red, yellow, green and three-color traffic lights hanging on all sides. It is a silent "traffic police". Traffic lights are internationally unified traffic lights. A red light is a stop signal and a green light is a go signal. At the intersection, cars from several directions gather here, some have to go straight, some have to turn, and whoever goes first is to obey the traffic lights. When the red light is on, it is forbidden to go straight or turn left, and the vehicle is allowed to turn right without obstructing pedestrians and vehicles; when the green light is on, the vehicle is allowed to go straight or turn; when the yellow light is on, it stops within the stop line at the intersection or the pedestrian crossing line and has continued to pass; When the yellow light is flashing, warn the vehicle to pay attention to safety.