Encounter Chainzone at InfoComm ASIA 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand!

During May 24th-26th, InfoComm ASIA 2023 was held successfully at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Chainzone Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd. (known as Chainzone) brought the latest intelligent display solution to the exhibition, surprising the audience with a wonderful event that combines visual effects and technology.

At InfoComm Asia 2023, Chainzone's Plus 4 outdoor series, E4 Pro outdoor series, and Lite XL indoor series attracted great attention. Staff from Chainzone provided on-site explanations about the new products at the booth, introducing unique features of the products to the audience.

Exciting! Multiple latest signature products made a grand debut.

Under the booming trend of digitalization, outdoor application scenarios of LED displays continue to be optimized, resulting in innovative technology in outdoor LED displays. To address different pain points of LED displays in outdoor applications, Chainzone has made innovative attempts at new products. In the face of complex climate change, E4 Pro outdoor series has distinct advantages in heat dissipation. With innovative aluminum-plastic module shells and a combination of thermodynamic heat dissipation design and dual-voltage technology, the E4 Pro series can achieve 10,000-nit brightness in high-temperature weather.

Driven by the craze of digitalization, outdoor application scenarios are increasing diversity. Chainzone's Plus 4 outdoor series has the advantages of standardized components and flexible shapes, helping customers to build intelligent display scenarios with standardization. The standardized components can meet various requirements of outdoor scenarios, making it convenient to install this series, and reducing the workload of outdoor operations.

Besides the E4 Pro series and the Plus 4 series, there are other series worth attention at the booth, such as the Lite XL series. The Lite XL series, a good choice for indoor commercial scenarios, adopts a special circuit design, leading to low power consumption and smooth operation. Also, with a high refresh rate and high contrast rate, the Lite XL series has excellent visual effects.

Chainzone has cultivated the field of intelligent displays for over 20 years, providing high-quality intelligent display products and solutions to more than 120 countries and regions. Chainzone always adheres to innovative research and development and exports a variety of new concepts about intelligent displays to the world.