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External dot matrix active luminous signs, also known as "dot matrix luminous signs", "LED active luminous road traffic signs", industry abbreviation: "dot matrix signs". External dot-matrix active light-emitting signs adopt advanced digital control equipment, and LED light-emitting tubes are embedded in the information contours of the text, patterns, numbers and other information in the sign panel to realize the active light-emitting effect of the sign content. Jiangsu Tongyun Transportation Development Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of active luminous signs in Jiangsu. Its technical information is as follows:
(1) Technical description
1. Process description: Embed LED light-emitting tubes on the outlines of the graphics, text, symbols, etc. of the logo layout to form a linear luminous effect to meet the visual fusion effect and achieve the effect of effective visual recognition and recognition of the key information of the logo.
2. Aluminum alloy profiles are used for the encapsulation around the luminous sign, and the corners are connected by arc elbows. The overall thickness of the sign is ≤60mm (excluding the back plate fasteners), and the waterproof and dustproof measures meet the requirements of IP55.
3. The LED mounting hole on the logo page is punched by laser numerical control equipment. The diameter of the hole is regular and regular without deviation. The edge of the reflective film should be smooth and tidy without burrs.
4. The normal luminous intensity of a single LED at rated current: red≥5000mcd, yellow≥3000mcd, white≥6000mcd; LED half-strength angle θ1/2≥12.5 degrees.
5. Light control program: When the full power supply is connected, it can automatically turn on/off the sign light-emitting unit according to the surrounding light changes.
6. Visual recognition distance: dynamic visual recognition distance at night ≥ 210 meters, static visual recognition distance ≥ 250 meters.
7. Power supply system and configuration:
(1) When connected to the power grid, the input voltage is 220V and the output voltage is 24V.
(2) When solar power is used, the light-emitting working time under the full load of the battery is not less than 120 hours.
8. According to the environmental conditions of use, lightning protection, anti-shock and leakage protection devices, no exposed wiring cables, and clear manufacturer identification.
9. The overall weight of the logo is ≤18KG/㎡, and the design life of the logo is 7 years.
(2) Applicable conditions:
1. Various sizes of prohibition, warning, indication, guidance and other signs;
2. The power consumption is about 5W/square meter, and signs below 4M2 can be powered by solar energy. Power sources such as external street lights, monitoring, signal lights, and power distribution cabinets can also be used.
3. The height of Chinese characters on the layout is ≧35cm; the height of letters is ≧20cm. If the height of the characters is small, it is easy to form a halo and affect the visual recognition.
(3) Features and advantages:
The logo layout is less than 4M2, no need to consider the power supply. The light penetration rate is strong, and it can be set to flashing state, and the warning effect is excellent, especially the yellow lamp tube, which has strong visibility in haze and bad weather.