How much do you know about led billboard light?

Light board, also known as led light board, light board, led billboard light, LED display board, is made of LED light tubes to form text and patterns on the substrate, and can emit red, yellow, orange, blue, white, Green, pink and other beautiful colors can also flash, transform, etc., to achieve the effect of publicity and display. Most of them are tools for fans to cheer for stars.

According to the battery classification, it is generally divided into two types, one is powered by the mains, and is mostly used in store advertisements, outdoor decoration, emergency instructions and other occasions, also known as led billboard light.

The other is powered by portable power sources such as batteries, which are mostly used for temporary exhibitions, fan support and other occasions. After this type is applied to the fan support industry in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, it mainly appears in concerts, cultural activities, talent shows and other occasions. In order to achieve the effect of supporting stars, enlivening the atmosphere, and decorating the venue.