How to choose LED display screen correctly?

The LED display is mainly used to display text, display pictures and video screens and so on. When you are choosing an LED display, the first thing you need to consider is what your actual needs and use are. Plan the location of the LED display in advance. Here we mainly include the choice of size, as well as the use In terms of environment, control, etc., when you use the venue, some LED displays will have certain restrictions. If you choose blindly, it may cause the use of the effect to be not very good. So, how to choose LED display?

First: first determine whether the wall of the LED display screen is a load-bearing wall.

Before making the display screen, make sure that the wall where the display screen is installed is a solid wall. If it is not a solid wall, a nine-centimetre board wall can be used to install the display screen, so that it can be heavy. In the process of actual communication with customers, if some installation environments are very high, some installation environments do not have elevators, and some installation environments have complex ground assembly environments, etc., you need to choose competent personnel to understand this business and let manufacturers see The scene will be better.

Second: Determine the area, length and height of the LED display.

You can install this display according to your own design length and height, or you can design it according to the golden ratio of 16:9 and 4:3. The size is mainly designed according to the purpose of the wall you install. This size also depends on how big your venue is, what is the closest viewing distance in the first row of meters, and the size is closely related to the venue and model.

led display

Third: Determine the model of the LED display.
(1) The indoor display models are P1.25, P1.56, P1.667, P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3, P4. The model determines the clarity, the smaller the number, the clearer. The larger the model number, the cheaper, the smaller the more expensive.

(2) The distance between the center of the lamp bead and the lamp bead on the P2 module is 2mm, which also determines the closest viewing distance to be 2 meters away. If you look within 2 meters, you can see clearly, but you will see graininess, your eyes will feel uncomfortable, and there is no requirement for the farthest distance.

(3) The area of ​​the display also determines the definition of the model. The larger the area of ​​the display, the lower the requirement for definition. If the funds are not rich, you can choose a larger model number, which is also very clear. If you have sufficient funds, Can choose high definition.

Fourth: Determine the control method of the LED display.

At present, the commonly used LED display control method is synchronous control. If you have several screens, you can choose synchronous control, asynchronous control, and wireless control. To be divided into several screen controls.