How to wire the led billboard light? What to do if the led billboard is not bright?

1. How to wire led billboard?

1. Plug wiring: The plug outlet is to open the outlet hole from the middle of the plug pieces at both ends of the led linear lamp, which will be very convenient to install. The plug outlet cannot be seamlessly connected, and the aesthetics is slightly inferior to that of the bottom outlet.

2. Side wiring: Choose one of the two sides of the led linear lamp to punch an outlet hole equivalent to the wire diameter. The waterproof pairing wiring is connected to the circuit board from this hole. Its advantage is that it can be seamlessly connected. , The brightening effect has no dark areas, and the installation is very convenient.

3. Bottom wiring: the bottom wiring is drilled from the bottom of the two ends of the led linear lamp aluminum profile with a wiring hole equivalent to the wire diameter. The principle is the same as that of the side, which can make the wiring hidden in the bottom position, which is more beautiful. high.

2. What to do if the led billboard is not bright?

1. Leakage. There is a slight leakage in the installation site. When creating the word, the line does not run smoothly, the connector is poorly connected, the second word starts to have a leakage part, and the wiring cabinet tape is opened and grounded.

2. Because the transformer power supply is too small, use a normal necessary transformer. Please use a different transformer according to the size of the word. We use two power supplies (transformers), for example, one word for the first four, one word for the remaining four, and one power supply for the remaining four. Two wiring can solve this problem. It is best to arrange a bit thicker.

3. The arrangement of the lights is uneven. Maybe there are too many LEDs on the road. This can't be done too much. Please contact the manufacturer of the lamp for how many specific belts each has. There are too many straps in some places, too bright in some places, and too little in some places, and the brightness is definitely different.
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