Introduction to popular science about led display

The basic composition of LED display:

1. Asynchronous screen:

It is generally composed of display unit board (module), bar screen card, switching power supply, and HUB board (optional). Connect to the computer through a serial cable, change the display text, and then work without the computer.

2. Synchronization screen:

The synchronization screen system is more complex, the system can be large or small, generally composed of a computer, DVI graphics card, data sending card, synchronous data receiving card, HUB board, network cable, LED display, etc. The system always needs an online computer to work, and the image and text on the computer are displayed on the large LED screen.

three. Terms and concepts involved in LED display

1. Pixel: It is the smallest imaging unit of the LED display. Commonly known as "dot" or "pixel".

2. Display module: It is composed of several display pixels, which are the smallest unit of the LED display screen independently in structure.

· The indoor screen uses 8x8 display modules, that is, each display module has 64 pixels

· The outdoor screen uses a single lamp bead, usually one pixel of the module is composed of 1-3 lamp beads of the same or different colors.

3. Display module:

The independent unit of the LED display screen determined by the circuit and the installation structure and has the display function. Simply put, in order to facilitate assembly and display, the semi-finished products shipped from the factory are usually provided in the form of display modules, and multiple display modules and display drivers are built together. Indoor screens are commonly called "unit boards"; outdoor screens are commonly called "modules". Several modules are combined with chassis, fans, and power supplies to form a "box", which is mostly used for large full-color screens.

· Indoor screen unit boards usually have 64x32 (64 columns and 32 rows, composed of 32 modules), 64x16
(64 columns and 16 rows, composed of 16 modules) and so on.

· Outdoor screen modules usually have 64x32, 32x32, 32x16, 16x16, 16x8