LED road signage | LED zebra crossing emerges for smart transportation construction

LED road signage

In recent years, thanks to the continuous progress of LED technology and the vigorous promotion of smart transportation construction, LED zebra crossings that "can speak and glow" have covered many cities, adding assistance to urban appearance and civilization construction, and lighting up traffic intersections. The "Life Protection Line" has formed a beautiful landscape.
LED zebra crossing, also known as smart zebra crossing, is a new type of transportation facility that has appeared in recent years. .
Lighting: According to the change of the color of the LED indicator, passing vehicles and pedestrians can get warnings from it, reminding people to pay attention to courteous passage. When pedestrians walk on the zebra crossing, the LED light will emit green light; when the traffic light is red, it will emit red light to remind pedestrians not to pass; when the red light and green light are about to change, the ground light will emit yellow light.
Can "speak": When pedestrians stand on the zebra crossing, different voice prompts will be issued as the color of the traffic lights changes, such as "red lights are prohibited", "please observe traffic safety" and so on. When there is a violation of traffic rules such as running a red light, a voice broadcast will be quickly issued to warn, and it will also be exposed on the LED display synchronously.