Lightning protection knowledge of LED traffic lights |200mm led traffic light

Walking on the streets and alleys of urban roads, the most familiar thing is the alternating flashing of various traffic lights. Busy cars moved forward and stopped regularly amid the flashing of red, yellow and green lights. The traffic signal lights erected on the pillars of the intersection are to promptly indicate relevant information to the passing vehicles. Because of its high erection position, it is easy to be damaged by direct lightning. The power line is introduced by the signal control machine, and there is no signal line. There is a threat of direct lightning strike and power line overvoltage. Therefore, it will directly strike over voltage and power line. Voltage is the focus of protection.
The pillars of the traffic signal lights are installed with current-limiting lightning rods for direct lightning protection. The top of the bracket and the base of the current-limiting lightning rods must ensure reliable electrical and mechanical connection. The bracket itself is grounded or the 40×40 flat steel is connected to the grounding grid of the bracket frame itself. The grounding resistance must be less than 4 ohms. Use over-voltage protectors as power protection at the power leads of traffic lights and signal controllers, and pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. The over-voltage protectors are connected to the grounding pole of the main frame with multiple copper wires of no less than 25mm2, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.
Grounding protection. For a standard crossroad, the pillars and front-end equipment are scattered, and it is difficult to achieve single-point grounding. In order to ensure the equipment working grounding and personal protective grounding, only vertical grounding bodies are welded under each pillar. The mesh structure method is the multi-point grounding method, which is mainly aimed at the lightning protection requirements such as the gradual discharge of the incoming waves. To ensure personal safety, the grounding body should be more than 3m away from the sidewalk.

200mm led traffic light