No fear to challenge! Chainzone assists the world's longest undersea road tunnel

Norway has a complex terrain but has built the longest undersea road tunnel in the world, the Norwegian Ryfast Highway, which solves many problems such as local travel difficulties and promotes the development of local tourism.

Chainzone is the only traffic guidance system solution provider for Ryfast Highway in Norway. We have successfully installed more than 2,000 sets of LED traffic signal products conforming to the European standard EN12966 on Ryfast Highway, contributing to this huge project.

After we have a deep understanding of the humid and cold weather in Norway, we know that the hardware configuration is very important for the product to be used normally in a long-term humid and cold climate with heavy salt spray near the sea, so we use moisture-proof and anti-corrosion aluminum-stainless steel as the outer frame material, the operating temperature range is as low as -30°C, which can ensure normal operation even in long-term extremely cold and humid weather or heavy salt spray at the seaside.

In addition, in order to deal with hidden safety problems such as dark tunnels and complex and changeable road conditions, we make professional judgments on specific situations in product design, especially optical performance, and use patented lens technology to gather light in dim environments, the maximum brightness can reach 8000nits, so that the driver can clearly see the content of the guidance instructions within the visual range, without glare or halo.

As the longest undersea road tunnel in the world, its deepest point is 290m below sea level, which is particularly laborious in terms of human and material resources. In the installation and maintenance of the product, we actively cooperate and communicate with the local construction personnel, in order to achieve perfection in the installation and future maintenance, and have also been unanimously affirmed and praised by the Norwegian engineering team.