Responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, Chainzone Makes Contribution to Qatar Transportation Development

FIFA World Cup 2022 is soon to be held in Qatar. As the host of this event, Qatar is eager to develop to be an internationalized city, while smart transportation construction is a significant part of this grand feat.

Chainzone has provided highway traffic flow guidance systems to 4 highways, including Mesaimeer, Duhail, D Ring, and Framework, in Qatar. Recently, Chainzone provided 70 sets of variable message signs (VMS) with lens, energizing the development of intelligent transport in Qatar.

There is continuous high temperature throughout the year in Qatar, so Chainzone has more far-seeing consideration in product design. Chainzones VMS adopts high protection level with IP66 and aluminium alloy cabinets, which can guarantee normal operation even under extreme weather. Meanwhile, VMS applying the technology of lens on board (LOB technology) would have lower power consumption than the traditional products and reduce the unnecessary depletion of the LED, which can greatly prolong the useful life span of the product.

Additionally, the VMS products in this project adopt the LOB technology with the full-colour optical design which guarantee clear traffic indication to reduce traffic jam and prevent traffic accidents in complex situations.

The deep cooperation of the Belt and Road between Qatar and China makes a great contribution to the relationship of the strategic partners of the 2 nations. Chainzone will keep giving full play to its technological advantages and promoting the upgrade of the intelligent transport system development. At the same time, Chainzone, as a national enterprise with a sense of responsibility, will always strengthen quality construction, upgrade service and make progress in the development of the Belt and Road between Qatar and China.