Seoul installs ground traffic lights for bowheads

Traffic lights

In order to prevent the traffic accidents of the "bow-headed people", various districts in Seoul, South Korea set off an upsurge of installing "ground signal lights".
According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on the 11th, the ground signal lights are installed on the waiting line of the pedestrian crossing and are LED signal light auxiliary devices used to inform pedestrians of the change of the signal lights. Since the ground signal lights and the frame signal lights are linked, they will operate 24 hours a day.
Currently, nearly 1,200 ground signal lights are installed in 25 districts in Seoul, of which Gangnam has the most (138). Relevant sources said that the ground signal lights were originally used to prevent traffic accidents for the bow-headed people. Later, they found that they could remind children who are close to the lane to back off. Therefore, many parents and schools of students asked for more ground signal lights.
Although the ground signal lights also attracted some complaints, such as being too dazzling at night, the general public responded well, and the parents of the students were even more welcome. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the installation cost of each ground signal light is about 25 million to 30 million won.