SMD LED display processing method

1. Printing:
        Modern solder paste printers generally consist of plate loading, solder paste addition, imprinting, and circuit board transfer. When the solder paste printer is working, the circuit board to be printed is first fixed on the printing positioning table, and then the solder paste or red glue is printed on the corresponding pad through the stencil by the left and right scrapers of the printer. Input to the placement machine through the transfer station for automatic placement.
    2. Patch:
      The led placement machine is a device that accurately places surface mount components on the pad by moving the placement head. It uses the guide rail or linear motor principle to control the drive head. At the same time, it must be equipped with a professional spunbond nozzle head. During the placement process, production defects such as sticking and rejection are eliminated as much as possible. At the same time, the tank chain of the LED placement machine requires more toughness and ductility to ensure its stability and service life.
   3. Welding:
      Reflow soldering, in surface mount technology (SMT), refers to ingot-shaped or rod-shaped solder alloys, which are melted and remanufactured into tin powder (that is, spherical tiny tin balls), and then combined with organic auxiliary materials (flux) It is blended into solder paste; it is the process of printing, stepping on, patching, and remelting and solidifying into metal solder joints. The welding process is a special process. The operators engaged in the special process shall be trained to be qualified. The operators shall operate in strict accordance with the operation documents, and conduct self-inspection and mutual inspection.
   Four, overhaul:
   That means testing can be added to each process to achieve the purpose of quality control.
      Therefore, in the LED chip processing, solder paste printers, LED chip machines, reflow soldering machines and other equipment can be mainly used.
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