Things to pay attention to when choosing LED display

The LED display has the advantages of ultra-high brightness and seamless splicing. If the LED pitch is small, the picture will be clearer and more delicate. Among the many material display screens, LED display screens are relatively environmentally friendly and energy-saving. If there is a demand in this regard, how to choose a display?

1. Seamless splicing, large screens are all spliced ​​together, but there are many materials for splicing screens, and the advantage of LED displays is that splicing is seamless. If it is an LCD splicing screen, splicing is very obvious, so seamless splicing is considered one of the advantages of led display screens.

2. Super high brightness. If the LED display is different from other displays, it must be the ultra-high brightness of the LED display. LED display screens can also display normally under direct sunlight, becoming the dominant outdoor display screen. Brightness is high; outdoor displays are generally large screens, so there are certain requirements for brightness, LED displays are very suitable.

3. Customized size, various shapes. The led display screen can be made into various sizes, and the shape of the display screen can be flexibly changed according to different use environments. The special-shaped led screen can also be customized to attract pedestrians with a peculiar appearance.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection, the energy consumption of LED large screen display is about 30% lower than other displays of the same area.