Walking into Austria, ChainZONE energizes the international cooperation between China and Austria

In 2021, ChainZONE entered the Austrian traffic market and successfully provided more than 200 sets of tunnel traffic information guidance signs for Amberg tunnel in accordance with EN12966 European standard.

The information signs installed by ChainZONE in Austria help local traffic construction, ensure orderly traffic operation and ease traffic pressure. The Amberg Tunnel, one of the most important tunnels in Austria, is located in Feldkirch, connecting the Rheinta, Walgau highway and other important traffic sections. In this project, ChainZONE provides a series of intelligent traffic signal products including lane control signs, variable message signs, variable speed limit signs, and develops an efficient tunnel traffic guidance system solution for the Amberg Tunnel.

Due to the severe cold and hot weather conditions in Feldkirsch, which makes higher demands on signal products of ChainZONE with great quality to ensure that they can still run reliably under the conditions of heavy snow and summer rainstorm, so as to improve the capacity of the tunnel, alleviate traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents.

The variable message sign with optical lens adopts a unique lens design to achieve the self-cleaning effect with no dust and no snow on the surface, and the lens realizes light path control by focusing the beam, showing a powerful warning effect.

ChainZONE has also been taking actions to pursue environmental protection and low consumption in materials and processes and realize continuous optimization of products, so as to actively energize the international cooperation between China and Austria.