What special attention should be paid to the installation of LED street lights?

In today's society, the common LED street lights in our daily lives have brought us a lot of convenience. But how many people really understand the street lights, the following will briefly introduce the precautions of LED street lights.

As the application of LED street lights becomes more and more widespread, the installation requirements of LED street lights are becoming more and more detailed, and the details that need to be paid attention to are becoming more and more stringent. In order to ensure the service life of the installed LED street lights, what details should we pay attention to during the installation process?

1. Before installing the LED street light, it is necessary to ensure that the fittings of the lamp are complete to avoid uneven fittings, otherwise it will cause defects in the installed lamps.

2. The personnel who install the LED lamps must ensure that they have a professional certificate to avoid being unprofessional, otherwise the LED lamps will be damaged.

3. Make sure that the power cord of the LED lamp is long enough and not subject to tension or tangential force. When installing, be sure to avoid excessive tension between the wires of the lamps, don't let the wires get knotted, distinguish the output wires from the input wires, and don't confuse them.

4. Try not to install LED street lights near flammable materials. Be sure to pay attention to the distance between the lamps and flammable materials. It must be noted that: LED street lights cannot be installed in the zenith, or near the wall with a heat source, pay attention to the separation of low-voltage and high-voltage electrical connections.

5. After installing the LED street light, be sure to power-on test to check whether the lamp can work normally, to ensure that the lamp is lossless and operating normally.