LOB Technology

With nine years of technical experience and two years of special R & D, Chainzone released the LOB technology with full intellectual property in April 2021. This technology has a positive influence on transforming traditional outdoor LED displays and reducing energy consumption, emission, and costs.   What is the LOB technology?   LOB stands for Lens On Boards. By adding an optical lens on top of each led and changing their light path, lights can be concentrated and shed effectively on targeted areas. The LOB technology can significantly improve lighting utilization and lower energy consumption. With the LOB technology, an outdoor display can save up to 80% energy. Compared with traditional SMD outdoor displays, an LOB outdoor display can effectively reduce light pollution, and minimize the effect on residents living nearby. Moreover, with the LOB technology, the contrast ratio can be greatly enhanced, thus showing crystal clear and vibrant images. When based on the same power consumption, it can reach a higher level of brightness, reaching 10,000 nits easily. Other than that, an outdoor display with the LOB technology can increase their ability of anti-UV and improve screen stability. The application of the LOB technology is innovative and it is a technological breakthrough in the DOOH market.      Advantages of LOB:    1. More Energy Saving         * take VP16.93-50° for instance Comparative measurement (for reference only) :  If there is a DOOH of about 60sqm (14’x 48’), operating 15 hours per day (from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.). With a brightness of 6,000 cd/m², under the average power consumption, what is the cost of electricity for an SMD display and a LOB display respect

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