Advantages of LED traffic warning signs

Advantages of LED traffic warning signs: when the weather is good and the visibility is low, using the luminous LED of the present invention as a ground traffic sign can just make up for the defect that the road is not bright. Clear and eye-catching, improve driving safety. , The brightness can be adjusted automatically by the controller, and the controller can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED according to the light intensity, so as to ensure that the ground traffic signs can work normally, save electricity and be easy to use.

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Columbian President Showed up to Congratulate the Handover of the Tunnel Tesalia

The celebration of the handover of the Tesalia Tunnel in Cafeter ono District is grandly held on December 21st, 2021. Mr Ivan Duke, the President of Columbia and the representatives from the local transportation department presented and congratulated this gala. At present, this project has been handover up to 70 kilometers. The completion of the Tesalia Tunnel will insert vitality into local transport construction. As a LED signals provider of the Tesalia Tunnel , Chainzone has provided a series of traffic signal products, such as lane indicators, speed limit signs and variable message signs with lens. The safety issue of the tunnel is worth great attention that driving in the dim environment may easily cause traffic congestion or accidents. Products from Chainzone have good performance in clear display with high brightness that can have outstanding warning effect even in the dark light. Different from the traditional traffic signal products, the products used in this project, such as lane indicators, speed limit signs and variable message signs with lens are of the optical performance advantages of high brightness and low power consumption. Meanwhile, facing  the problem of high difficulty in maintaining, the products from Chainzone are stable and reliable, dampproof, anti-corrosion, with protection level of IP65, which can greatly lengthen its service life. The Tesalia Tunnel is predicted to be completed in August,2022, which will undoubtedly improve the mobility of the whole district and strengthen the connection of Columbia. Chainzone wishes to bring more LED traffic products of good quality around the world and energize worldwide transportation projects.  

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Light indication of traffic lights

Traffic lights are a group of lights consisting of three unpatterned circular units of red, yellow, and green to guide the passage of motor vehicles. The non-motor vehicle signal light is a group of lights composed of three circular units with bicycle patterns in red, yellow and green to guide the passage of non-motor vehicles. When the green light is on, vehicles are allowed to pass, but turning vehicles must not obstruct the passage of straight vehicles or pedestrians that have been released. When the yellow light is on, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to pass. When the red light is on, traffic is prohibited. At intersections where non-motor vehicle signal lights and pedestrian crossing signal lights are not set, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians shall pass according to the instructions of motor vehicle signal lights. When the red light is on, vehicles turning right may pass without obstructing the passing of vehicles and pedestrians.

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Knowledge about traffic lights

At the earliest, traffic lights only had two colors, red and green. Later, after improvement, a yellow light was added. The red light means stop, the yellow light means preparation, and the green light means pass. The reason why these three colors are used as traffic signals is also related to people's visual structure and psychological response. The human retina contains rod-shaped and three types of cone-shaped photoreceptor cells. The rod-shaped cells are particularly sensitive to yellow light, and the three types of cone-shaped cells are the most sensitive to red light, green light and blue light respectively. Because of this visual structure, it is easiest for humans to distinguish red from green. Although yellow and blue are also easy to distinguish, because the eyeball has fewer photoreceptors sensitive to blue light, it is better to distinguish between red and green. Traffic lights are not set arbitrarily. According to the optical principle, red light has a long wavelength, has a strong ability to penetrate the air, and is more noticeable than other signals. Therefore, as a signal for prohibition of passage, green is used as a notification signal because the difference between red and green is the largest, and it is easy to Distinguish (red-green color blindness is a minority after all). In addition, color can also express some specific meaning, to express hot or violent, the strongest is red, followed by yellow. Green has colder and calmer connotations. Therefore, people often use red for danger, yellow for warning, and green for safety.

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Do you know what traffic lights are?

Traffic lights are signal lights that direct traffic operations, generally consisting of red lights, green lights, and yellow lights. A red light means no passage, a green light means passage is permitted, and a yellow light means a warning. Traffic lights are divided into: motor vehicle signal light, non-motor vehicle signal light, pedestrian crossing signal light, direction indicator light (arrow signal light), lane signal light, flashing warning signal light, road and railway level crossing signal light. At the intersection, there are red, yellow, green and three-color traffic lights hanging on all sides. It is a silent "traffic police". Traffic lights are internationally unified traffic lights. A red light is a stop signal and a green light is a go signal. At the intersection, cars from several directions gather here, some have to go straight, some have to turn, and whoever goes first is to obey the traffic lights. When the red light is on, it is forbidden to go straight or turn left, and the vehicle is allowed to turn right without obstructing pedestrians and vehicles; when the green light is on, the vehicle is allowed to go straight or turn; when the yellow light is on, it stops within the stop line at the intersection or the pedestrian crossing line and has continued to pass; When the yellow light is flashing, warn the vehicle to pay attention to safety.

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