Speed Radar Sign

  • Speed Radar Sign
  • Speed Radar Sign
  • Speed Radar Sign
  • Speed Radar Sign

Speed Radar Sign

Speed radar sign is a type of lane sign that displays a driver's speed as they approach it. Designed to enhance road safety and optimize traffic flow, the speed limit sign uses radar technology to detect the speed of the vehicle and then displays that speed on a bright LED display.

Radar speed signs advantages:

1. Enhanced Road Safety: Implementing radar-controlled speed signs contributes to safer roads, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting responsible driving behavior.

2. Cost-Efficient Solution: The lower power consumption of led speed signs leads to reduced energy expenses, making them a cost-effective long-term investment for municipalities and road authorities.

3. Weather Resilience: With IP56/IP65 rating and superior optical performance in adverse conditions, radar speed control signs remain visible and effective even during inclement weather.

4. Compliance with Standards: LED radar speed limit sign conform to EN12966 standards, ensuring accuracy and reliability in conveying essential road information to drivers.

5. Easy Installation and Maintenance The lightweight and anti-rust aluminum housing simplifies installation and reduces maintenance efforts, ensuring consistent performance.


Radar speed signs application: 
These type of portable radar speed signs from Chainzone help deliver your road safety targets. It alert drivers about their true speed and can optionally display feedback messages, such as "Slow down" to those exceeding the limit. Radar controlled speed limit signs are widely applied in:

Urban Roads and Highways
School Zones
Construction Zones
Residential Areas
Industrial Sites
Accident-Prone Areas

Much More Reliable SMD LEDs is much more reliable than DIP LEDs

Lower Power Consumption Compared with DIP LED+PC design, SMD+Optical lens technology helps lower approx 50% power consumption

High Contrast Ratio Under the strong sun or big snow, SMD+Optical lens technology deliver much clearer road information to the drivers than the DIP LED+PC design

Excellent Optical Performance Chainzone's Variable Speed Limit Signs achieve the highest optical performance of EN12966 standard: L3/L3*/L3(T), R3, C2, B6

Outstanding Water-proof Performance: IP56 and IP65

Lighter Weight and Anti-rust All the housings of Variable Speed Limit Signs are made of Aluminum

Speed Detection Radar inside or outside the housing
speed radar warning sign
Specification Radar Speed Sign
Display Full Color
Housing Material Aluminum
LED Power SMD LEDs with optical lens
Power 110-220V/12VDC/24VDC
Optical Performance EN12966(L3/L3*/L3(T), R3, C2, B6)
Protocol NTCIP / MODBUS / Jet File II / Profibus
Interface Ethernet / RS232 / RS485/GPRS
Control Mode Dip Switch Control/ I/O Control / Protocol Control/ Radar Control
Temperature Range T1 (-15°C to +60°C) ; T2 (-25°C to +55°C); T3 (-40°C to + 40°C)
IP Rate IP65

Radar Speed Sign

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