• TC-3100


Amber Flash Warning Mode:
In certain roads where there is less traffic at night. This mode can be used at mid-night to give warning sign to drivers. It is also a warning to road administrators when the signal is over voltage

Self Check:
The system can check the controller and make records of breakdown information, such as time, date, error, data upload, etc

traffic signal controller
Model TC-3100
Voltage 230V /110V AC 50/60HZ
Output Load Capacity 2A per output
Output circuit monitoring Each Output Circuit
Insulation Resistance Between Wires >50MΩ
Max Periods Up to 32
Max Phases Up to 32
Max Special Dates Up to 32
Operation Temperature -20 to +80℃
IP Rating IP 54
Housing Material Stainless Steel or Powder-coated Iron
Max Loops N/A
Detect Load Output YES
Number of Output Circuits 36
Max Pedestrian Push Buttons N/A
Clock Adjustment N/A
CPU 32 Bit RISC Processor/48M HZ
Flash Memory 8 MB
Protocol Jet file II
Interface RS232 / RS485 / USB

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