LOB Technology

With nine years of technical experience and two years of special R & D, Chainzone released the LOB technology with full intellectual property in April 2021. This technology has a positive influence on transforming traditional outdoor LED displays and reducing energy consumption, emission, and costs.

  What is the LOB technology?  

LOB stands for Lens On Boards. By adding an optical lens on top of each led and changing their light path, lights can be concentrated and shed effectively on targeted areas.

The LOB technology can significantly improve lighting utilization and lower energy consumption. With the LOB technology, an outdoor display can save up to 80% energy. Compared with traditional SMD outdoor displays, an LOB outdoor display can effectively reduce light pollution, and minimize the effect on residents living nearby. Moreover, with the LOB technology, the contrast ratio can be greatly enhanced, thus showing crystal clear and vibrant images. When based on the same power consumption, it can reach a higher level of brightness, reaching 10,000 nits easily. Other than that, an outdoor display with the LOB technology can increase their ability of anti-UV and improve screen stability. The application of the LOB technology is innovative and it is a technological breakthrough in the DOOH market.


  Advantages of LOB:   

1. More Energy Saving

        * take VP16.93-50° for instance

Comparative measurement (for reference only) : 
If there is a DOOH of about 60sqm (14’x 48’), operating 15 hours per day (from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.). With a brightness of 6,000 cd/m², under the average power consumption, what is the cost of electricity for an SMD display and a LOB display respectively in a year (365 days)?

OB display: 30W/sqm*60sqm*15h*365d=9,855,000wh=9,855kWh

SMD display: 150W/sqm*60sqm*15h*365d=49,275,000wh=49,275kWh
Difference in power consumption per year: 49,27kWh-9,855kWh=39,420kWh
With LOB, each screen can save about 39,420kWh per year.
The LOB display can save up to 80% energy.
Cumulative electricity saving per display for 5 years:
39,420 kWh/year * $0.15 kWh *5 years = $29,565 (electricity charge is calculated at $0.15/kWh)

2. Less Light Pollution

As the phenomenon of excessive lighting in cities becomes more and more serious, the negative impact of light pollution is seizing public attention. The LOB technology was developed by Chainzone using an optical lens to change the route of light, thus controlling beam divergence angle and concentrating more lights on the targeted viewing areas. By this means, we can highly reduce the impact of light pollution on residents living nearby.

Equipped with an auto brightness control function, LED displays can adjust its brightness automatically based on ambient light. Therefore, we can make sure the screen is eligible as well as energy-saving at night or in relatively dim conditions. Moreover, with multi-point grayscale calibration, the colors of the screens can be more vibrant and true-to-life.

3. Better Display Effect

With optical lens, the route of the light can be adjusted to improve color uniformity and concentrate lights. Compared with the polychromatic light of full-color DIP LED displays, after secondary light distribution, the LOB displays can have a monochromatic point-source effect, which makes colors purer and improves the display effect greatly.

The LOB displays have a super high contrast ratio because the optical lenses reduce the reflection of direct sunshine on the screen, which effectively increases the contrast ratio. The images on the screen keep crystal clear at noon.

The LOB displays are also blessed with super high brightness because. with the optical lens, the brightness of the light source can be magnified manyfold. When based on the same power consumption, it can reach a higher level of brightness, say 10,000 nits, effortlessly. Brighter and clearer images are delivered.

4. Longer Lifespan

On one hand, with the LOB technology, a display is well protected against direct sunshine, thus effectively prolonging its service life. On the other, LOB can help the display to operate in a much lower power consumption state, so the display produces less heat and stability is enhanced. Therefore, the lifespan of the display can be prolonged, the damage caused by the light decay can be mitigated and the maintenance cost throughout its life cycle can be reduced.

The LOB technology tackles the pain points in the DOOH market one by one. We have applied the LOB technology in Chainzone’s latest generation of outdoor display, V-Plus. So far, the V-Plus series have been successfully installed in the United States, EU, South Africa, and many other countries and regions with unanimous recognition and support from our customers.

The actual effect of a V-Plus LOB display with 50° viewing angle:

For customers who are after ultimate DOOH solutions, Chainzone will continue to bring you products with much lower operation costs and better visual experience. We believe that the LOB technology can further facilitate the upgrade of DOOH and drive the application of outdoor LED displays into a new era.

If you want more information on V-Plus LOB displays, please check out the link here.