Mobile VMS

Mobile VMS

Mobile Variable Message Signs (VMS) are electronic message signs that are mounted on vehicles or trailers. Mobile vms signs can display various types of information, including text, graphics, and symbols. This kind of Portable VMS is widely used in traffic scenarios, such as road construction and maintenance, and emergency management, to provide motorists with real-time information on road conditions, hazards, and travel time.

With intelligent features of remote monitoring, automatic brightness adjustment and message scheduling, portable/mobile VMS allows a more efficient and effective communication method and can easily adapt to changing conditions.

Mobile VMS Features
-Wireless control, with 2G/3G /4G modem
-Auto/ Manual dimming control
-With touchscreen handheld controller
-More than 4000 images can be stored on the VMS and handheld controller due to it's large storage capacity
-sending the displaying contents to VMS or handheld controller via computer directly
-With linear actuator so that can raise or fold down the VMS up to 90° angle

Chainzone is a leading supplier of mobile VMS signs, offering a range of solutions to meet various application needs. With expertise in LED Intelligent Traffic, Intelligent Display, and Intelligent Lighting Solutions, Chainzone provides customers with innovative and reliable VMS products that help to enhance safety and improve traffic flow. 

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