EN12966 L Series VMS

  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS
  • EN12966 L Series VMS

EN12966 L Series VMS

Variable message signs (VMS) are electronic signs or displays that are used to convey real-time information to drivers and other road users. They are found along highways and other major roads, and are used to deliver information about traffic conditions, road closures, construction, weather warnings, and other important updates. The messages displayed on mobile VMS signs are often altered remotely by traffic control centers, allowing for quick and accurate release of information.

Model: VMS 12L-RGB / VMS16L-RGB / VMS20L-RGB / VMS25L-RGB / VMS31.25L-RGB

LED VMS signs features:
-The embedded systems can perform constant diagnosis and report any abnormal status to the central system
-The VMS can be monitored by our proprietary central management system which is developed independently by Chainzone’s R&D team
-The excellent LED optical system meets EN12966 standards and provides the highest optical performance
-The LED light can be precisely projected to the spot where it is needed
-A wide range of pixel pitch options from 12mm to 31.25mm, adaptable to any application
-SMD LED technology, more reliable
-Modular design for easy maintenance
-Integrated light sensor for auto brightness control
-Integrated temperature sensor can trigger the fan if inner cabinet temperature gets high
-Simple to be programmed and more advanced functions for users’ options

EN12966, ETL, CETL

Variable message signs application:
The variable message sign is a useful media to alert motorway users when there are abrupt changes in traffic patterns, road conditions, emergencies or special events. The application of VMS on the road can improve traffic flow while ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers. Variable message signs are ultra-bright and highly legible, with a variety of functions for many applications: lane closure, highway construction, work zone, parking lot guidance, and etc. A combination of different colour and sizes make these signs extremely efficient in conveying safety messages to the road users.

Mobile vms signs advantages:

1. Enhanced Diagnostics: With embedded systems that perform constant diagnosis, any irregularities are promptly reported to the central system, ensuring real-time monitoring and swift response.

2. Proprietary Central Management: Monitor the VMS effectively through Chainzone's independently developed central management system, empowering you with complete control over your traffic management operations.

3. Optimal Optical Performance: Rest assured of uncompromising quality with our LED optical system, meticulously designed to meet the stringent EN12966 standards and deliver the highest optical performance.

4. Precision Projection: The LED light's precision projection capabilities ensure that critical information is delivered precisely to where it is needed most, guaranteeing optimal visibility and impact.

5. Versatile Pixel Pitch Options: Tailor the VMS to your specific requirements with a wide range of pixel pitch options, ranging from 12mm to 31.25mm, making it adaptable to any application.

6. Reliability with SMD LED Technology: The integration of Surface Mount Device (SMD) LED technology makes the mobile variable message sign more reliable and efficient, ensuring long-lasting performance.

7. Easy Maintenance: With modular design, maintenance becomes a breeze, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Pixel Pitch(mm) 12 15 20 25 31.25
Module Resolution (pixels) 8x16 10x25 10x20 10x20 8x16(*)(B7) 8x16(*)(B7) 8x8(*)
Size of Module (mm)(HxW) 96x192 120x300 120x240 150x300 160X320 200X400 250X250
optical Characteristics  
Conformity Compliant with EN12966standards L3/L3*,R3,C2,B1,B2,B3.B4,B5,B6。B7
Luminance Red > 3100 cd/m2  Green > 3720 c/m2 Yellow> 7440 cd/m2  White > 12400 cd/m2
Luminance Ratio R3
Colour C2
Beam Width B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7
Brightness Control 100 levels
Physical Characteristics  
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Enclosure Surface Powder Coated,Matte Black (Other Colors available)
Working Temperature (c) T1 (-15C to +60C): T2 (-25C to +55 ℃);T3(-40C to +40C)
Humidity Range RH<95%
Pollution D3
Mechanical Protection P1(IP44),P2(IP54),P3(IP56),IP65,1P65
Maintenance Back Maintenance
Electrical Specifications  
Power Supply AC:85- 140V/180-265V (50/ 6OHz)
Solar Power System DC12V/ 24V
Communication RS232/RS485/Ethernet via R45/ GPRS/3G/4G/Optic Fiber
EMC/ FCC Certification Compliant with EN50293;FCC Part 15B:2017;ICES-003:2016
Certification EN12966,ETL CETL

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