• TSU-205C
  • TSU-205C
  • TSU-205C
  • TSU-205C
  • TSU-205C

The Solar-powered Mobile Traffic Signal Stand is built with four groups of Φ200mm traffic signals facing four directions respectively and each group can comprise of up to 5 signal aspects.

The LCD monitor on the control panel with intersection setting simulating function makes site operation easy and fast. The users can use a remote controller to set the phase automatically or manually, or to lift up and lower down the LED traffic signal mast.

The height of signals can be adjusted by the electrical hydraulic lifting system from 2200mm to 3500mm. Even at the maximum height of 3.5m, the whole system remains firm and steady.

Auto brightness control according to the ambient brightness is available, too.

The Mobile Traffic Signal Stand is designed and built as a trailer. It can be pulled by a truck.

Both dragging arm and auxiliary support wheels are retractable. Four retractable supporting kickstands can be fixed on the ground by screws to make the system stand on the ground firmly.
high power traffic light
Model TSU-205C
Maximum Height 500mm
Tire(Inch) 13"
Lifting Device Hydraulic Cylinder
Dimension(mm)(L×W×H) 1640×1162×2414
Weight 450Kg
Battery 12V/100AH Quantity: 2
Solar Panel 12V/45W Quantity: 2
AC Charger Standard Accessory
Remote Controller Standard Accessory

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