Fixed VMS: An Overview of the Benefits and Features

Video management systems (VMS) have become an integral part of security and surveillance systems, enabling the management and control of multiple cameras from a single interface. VMS has evolved over time, and one of the latest iterations is fixed VMS, which offers several advantages over traditional VMS. In this article, we will provide an overview of fixed VMS, its features, and benefits.

fixed VMS

What is Fixed VMS?

Fixed VMS is a video management system designed specifically for fixed cameras. Fixed cameras are those that have a fixed field of view, meaning that they do not pan, tilt or zoom. They are usually installed in a fixed location and provide a fixed view of the surrounding area. Fixed VMS is different from traditional VMS in that it is optimized for fixed cameras and provides features and benefits that are tailored to this type of camera.

Features of Fixed VMS

Fixed VMS provides several features that are specifically designed for fixed cameras. Some of these features include:

Virtual PTZ: Fixed cameras do not have PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) capabilities, but fixed VMS can provide a virtual PTZ feature. Virtual PTZ allows the user to zoom in and out on the video stream and pan around the image without moving the camera physically.

Advanced Analytics: Fixed VMS can provide advanced analytics capabilities that are optimized for fixed cameras. These analytics can include object detection, object tracking, and motion detection. These analytics can be used to detect and alert the user of any suspicious activity in the camera's field of view.

Multi-Stream Support: Fixed VMS supports multiple video streams, allowing users to view the same camera at different resolutions and frame rates simultaneously. This can be useful for monitoring high-traffic areas, where a higher frame rate may be required.

Smart Search: Fixed VMS can provide a smart search feature, which allows users to search through hours of recorded video quickly. Smart search can be used to find specific events or objects within the camera's field of view.

Benefits of Fixed VMS

Fixed VMS provides several benefits over traditional VMS, which include:

Cost-Effective: Fixed VMS is a cost-effective solution for security and surveillance systems. It is optimized for fixed cameras, and the features provided are tailored to this type of camera. This means that fixed VMS can provide the required features at a lower cost than traditional VMS.

Easy to Use: Fixed VMS is easy to use and can be configured quickly. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, and the features are easy to access and use.

High Performance: Fixed VMS provides high performance and can handle multiple cameras simultaneously. It is optimized for fixed cameras, and the features provided are tailored to this type of camera, making it more efficient in terms of processing power.

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