What is outdoor advertising led display

What is outdoor advertising led display

The area is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, with high brightness and large viewing angle, it can work in the sun, and has certain windproof, rainproof and waterproof functions. Mainly used in outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls and so on.

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Fearless of extreme cold weather, the VMS products of Chainzone Technology (Foshan) still play excellent role at minus 60 degrees in Russia!

1.The protection grade IP65 protects VMS against wind, rain and snow. No condensation under cold and humid weather conditions.

2.The optical lens technology concentrates light output of LED, which reduces power consumption of VMS significantly.

3.Chainzone’s VMS has been widely used in high latitude area such as northern Europe, Russia and North America.

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Chainzone (Foshan) Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is a world leading supplier for LED intelligent traffic, intelligent display and intelligent lighting system solutions.

Chainzone has two trade marks, "ChainZONE" and "iMPOSA",  registered in more than 14 countries and regions including China, the United States, Australia, Canada, EU, New Zealand, Switzerland, Iran, India, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt and Brazil, etc. Our products have been sold to more than 160 countries and regions, applied for tens of thousands of various projects, among which there are many world-class projects with both difficulty and technology, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) and the Norway Sub-sea Tunnel project.

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Miss Jiang's quick and professional quotation and proposal are highly skilled and satisfied. We are satisfied with the price and quality of our LXL products. Overall, the level of sales, manufacturing, quality control, and service is high, and I am generally satisfied with it, and I have high expectations for the future.


I'm really thankful for all the work Chainzone Team have done for us, they are the best partner with us, I expect Chainzone can help us to expand our market here.


I have a very pleasant experience with Chainzone team! It’s my first time to buy the P10 EXL outdoor products and it is successful! The quality and effect exceeded my expectations. Their quick response and professional impressed me. Thanks Chainzone.

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The matrix of a particular exterior-use electronic display refers to the number of vertical pixels by the number of horizontal pixels in the display. For example, if a display has a matrix of "200 by 704", this means it has 200 pixels from top to bottom and 704 pixels from left to right. In video applications, much like your television set, these numbers might be reversed. For instance, a high-definition TV today is commonly referred to as "1920 by 1080", where 1920 represents pixels from left to right, and 1080 represents pixels from top to bottom.

Our iMPOSA software or Novastar content management software sends content (images, video, text, etc.) to the digital display via the Internet (or a direct connection in computer, tablet, cellphone etc). This ease of operation is one of the main advantages to using an LED sign.

A basic Trouble shooting manual can be checked, if still cannot solve the problem, please contact our after-sales service email supports@chainzone.com for further assistance, we will be surely replying within 12 hours. Please provide serial number of the device so our support team can track.

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