Outdoor Display iMPOSA V-Plus

  • Outdoor Display iMPOSA V-Plus
  • Outdoor Display iMPOSA V-Plus
  • Outdoor Display iMPOSA V-Plus

Outdoor Display iMPOSA V-Plus

Model: VP-3.91 / VP-5.95 / VP6.35 / VP-8.33 / VP-10.16 / VP-10-S100 / VP16.93-S100 / VP-16.93-S50 
Outdoor digital displays, designed with patented LOB technology, boast high brightness, protective glass, and IP67 certification. Our high-brightness outdoor led display screens feature full sealing, ensuring comprehensive protection against water, dust, moisture, and insects.


Outdoor digital display features:

-Smart module, master record
-Front and back maintenance both available
-Fast installation with block structure
-Weatherproof structure IP67
-Detached power supply
-Signal and power redundancy




For outdoor outdoor information display solutions, Chainzone integrates intelligence seamlessly. Leveraging standardized structural design, key technologies such as LOB lens display and aluminum-plastic heat dissipation shell elevate outdoor digital signage displays, exhibiting robust competitiveness in crucial indicators like screen structure design, optical performance, and heat dissipation.

Tailoring to specific scenarios, Chainzone offers comprehensive one-stop services encompassing LED display screen design, hardware development, content creation, and system interaction. This approach perfectly meets the emerging demands of innovative consumer scenarios.

Outdoor digital display application:

Road sign, Building facade, Highway billboard, Sports & stadium, etc.

Model VP-3.91 VP-5.95 VP-6.35 VP-10.16 VP-8.33 VP-10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.91 5.95 6.35 10.16 8.33 10
Pixel Configuration SMD
Maintenance Front & Rear Access
IP Rating IP67
Model VP-10-B100 VP-16.93-B100 VP-16.93-B50
Pixel Pitch (mm) 10 16.93
Pixel Configuration SMD+Lens
Maintenance Front & Rear Access
IP Rating IP67

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