CHAINZONE's New Year Debut

CHAINZONE's New Year Debut | Spain ISE 2024, a Comprehensive Exploration of Digital Outdoor Displays and Green Energy Solutions

On January 30, 2024, the annual ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) exhibition grandly opened in Barcelona, Spain. CHAINZONE, with its cutting-edge "Digital Outdoor Display" and "Green Energy" technologies, became a major highlight of the event. As a professional enterprise in the smart display field, CHAINZONE presented a series of innovative smart display solutions to a global audience, leading the industry's future development.
During the exhibition, CHAINZONE's business team actively engaged with customers, fostering in-depth discussions and providing detailed insights into the energy-saving concepts of outdoor display products and CHAINZONE's technological advantages. These concepts and strengths received widespread recognition and support. Numerous attendees stopped to observe, expressing keen interest in CHAINZONE's exhibits and principles. This interest stemmed not only from acknowledgment of CHAINZONE's technological prowess but also from a shared pursuit of green, sustainable development.
The atmosphere at the ISE exhibition was enthusiastic, with CHAINZONE's flagship products in outdoor smart display solutions becoming the focal point of the entire venue.
As a star product in CHAINZONE's outdoor fine pixel pitch sector, the E Fine series display screen adheres to a low-carbon, energy-efficient design philosophy. Utilizing advanced cool screen technology, it can save up to 30% of energy consumption compared to traditional outdoor display products, effectively reducing operational costs for users and enhancing economic benefits. This series of display screens also incorporates a professional heat dissipation design, ensuring outstanding display performance in various outdoor conditions. Additionally, the E Fine series display screens feature a die-cast aluminum chassis and hidden cable design, providing a thinner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
The Plus 4 series outdoor display screens are products introduced by CHAINZONE to create a standardized, simple, fast, and diverse user experience for customers. This series of display screens adopts a standardized design, offering advantages such as standard assembly, easy maintenance, quick delivery, and extensive model coverage. Whether it's a large or small screen, straight or curved, the Plus 4 series can fully adapt to various outdoor application scenarios, meeting diverse outdoor display needs.
The V-Plus series display screens are the star products of CHAINZONE's LOB lens technology, easily achieving brightness at the tens of thousands level under ultra-low power consumption. This series of display screens can be paired with a secondary power supply system, supported by CHAINZONE's solar lithium battery solution, offering a more environmentally friendly solution for outdoor applications. The V-Plus series display screens, with their innovative technology and outstanding performance, became one of the highlights of the exhibition.
At this ISE exhibition, CHAINZONE successfully showcased the outstanding performance of smart displays in outdoor applications through its proprietary technology and innovative concepts. During this event, CHAINZONE conveyed the brand image of "Professional Outdoor Display" and "Leader in Green Energy" to a global audience, highlighting CHAINZONE's professional strength in the outdoor smart display field.
CHAINZONE has always focused on the innovation and development of new scenarios for outdoor smart display applications, dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to global users. We believe that, with the continuous development of smart display technology, CHAINZONE will continue to lead industry transformation and bring a better visual experience to global users.
CHAINZONE, shaping the beauty of the visual world!