CHAINZONE shines at LED CHINA 2024, attracting attention with a variety of heavyweight new products and innovative energy-saving technologies!
On February 26, 2024, LED CHINA 2024 (the 2024 Shenzhen International LED Exhibition) was grandly held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Foshan CHIANZONE Technology Co., Ltd. presented a dazzling array of star products, joining numerous industry leaders in witnessing this global "audio-visual communication display" ecological industry chain event.

LOB Patent Lens Technology Sets New Standards for Outdoor Commercial Displays

At this exhibition, CHAINZONE, with the theme of "green energy-saving," once again became the focus of the entire event with its independently developed LOB lens technology. LOB technology involves the application of optical lens technology on the surface of the light board to optimize the LED light path and achieve secondary light distribution. This revolutionary innovation significantly enhances the efficiency of light source utilization and display effects, markedly reduces screen power consumption, effectively reduces light pollution, and extends the lifespan of the screen.

V-Plus Outdoor Display Series

Driven by the current global environmental protection philosophy, LOB technology undoubtedly stands out as a leading technology that meets the demand for low consumption and energy efficiency. CHAINZONE's V-Plus outdoor display series fully leverages the advantages of LOB technology, presenting not only a visual feast of ultra-high definition and ultra-high contrast but also achieving lower energy consumption and higher reliability with the assistance of LOB technology. It demonstrates the perfect integration of technology and environmental protection.

CHAINZONE Lithium Battery Solution

CHAINZONE's energy-saving philosophy extends beyond its products and permeates the entire energy-saving display power supply system. CHAINZONE currently offers a diverse range of new energy outdoor display power supply solutions, such as grid power + solar power, grid power + lithium power, solar power + lithium power, grid power + solar power + lithium power, etc. These solutions can be precisely configured based on customer needs and specific application scenarios, aiming to contribute to the construction of outdoor smart display scenes through the efficient utilization of new energy.
CHAINZONE's business team actively interacted with the engaged audience, providing detailed introductions to product features and solutions. Their professionalism and enthusiasm garnered positive feedback from the on-site audience.

Innovative Masterpieces Dazzle, Unleashing the Charisma of Intelligent Commercial Displays

Based on a variety of application scenarios, CHAINZONE presented a dazzling array of energy-saving display digital solutions at the exhibition, including the E Fine Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch Display Series, Plus 4 Outdoor Standardized Display Series, V-Plus Outdoor High-End Display Series, Lite Pro III Indoor Display Series, as well as LOB and Mini LOB.
Among them, two highlight products from CHAINZONE—the E Fine Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch Display Series and the Plus 4 Outdoor Standardized Display Series—captured the attention of many.

Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch Display Series

The E Fine Outdoor Fine Pixel Pitch Display Series covers pitches of P2.9 and P1.9. Its integration of die-cast chassis and aluminum-plastic base design not only presents an elegant and generous appearance but also excels in heat dissipation performance, ensuring the overall reliability and stability of operation. By employing advanced common anode technology, the E Fine series further reduces power consumption, achieving energy-saving and environmentally friendly effects. It stands out as the ideal choice for outdoor fine pixel pitch solutions.

Outdoor Display Series

The Plus 4 Outdoor Standardized Display Series adopts innovative standard design, deconstructing the chassis into four core components: display modules, chassis frame, signal lines, and power control box. This modular design allows the screen to be flexibly spliced according to specific needs, creating a diverse range of display forms and delivering a new visual experience to users. Additionally, this design significantly reduces the costs of transportation, warehousing, and assembly, enhancing overall economic benefits.
In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, CHAINZONE has successfully captivated the audience with its unique cutting-edge innovations in energy efficiency and display technology, coupled with a series of practical solutions, earning unanimous recognition and support. This not only affirms CHAINZONE's technological prowess but also acknowledges its commitment to independent innovation and the pursuit of green energy principles.

Looking ahead, CHAINZONE has a clear plan and ambitious goals. We will continue to steadfastly pursue the path of independent research and development, exploring new energy-efficient and display technologies to strive for greater breakthroughs in the smart display field. Simultaneously, CHAINZONE will actively promote collaboration with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, contributing to the overall progress and development of the entire industry.

CHAINZONE, shaping the beauty of the visual world.