Functional advantages of LED active luminous traffic signs | Best price led traffic signs manufacturers

Best price led traffic signs manufacturers

LED active light-emitting road traffic signs (hereinafter referred to as "active light-emitting signs") are more and more popular because of their superior performance and quality in special traffic environments and bad weather compared to ordinary retroreflective signs. It is widely used in traffic safety engineering.
Traffic language information such as road conditions, risk factors, management instructions, etc., are reflected in the traffic sign layout through the use of standard traffic language formats, so that road traffic participants can identify them in a timely, accurate and effective manner, aiming to achieve road traffic safety, Efficient and orderly.
According to the conclusion of the special study: the human body’s sense of perception is formed by the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, of which visual cognition accounts for as much as 83%. Therefore, as a visual carrier of traffic language, traffic signs can ensure effective recognition in all-weather and harsh environments, and their importance to drivers is self-evident.
The working principle of ordinary retroreflective traffic signs: a beam of incident light illuminates the reflective material from the front, is internally refracted, and then penetrates the reflective material in the reverse direction, and reflects back in the direction parallel to the incident light, so that the light in a certain observation area The observer captures the reflected light, also known as "retro-reflection", which belongs to the category of passive light sources.
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