Post-winter Olympics Era: Layout of Ice Sports New Track, ChainZONE Helps Boost Ice Sports Industry!

ChainZONE VISION outdoor commercial display shows high-definition visual performance in a ski resort in Switzerland. The unique curved screen design becomes a beautiful scenery among the bustling crowd. Although Switzerland has snow all year round, the climate is mild. The temperature on the snow mountain is generally no less than minus 10 degrees Celsius, providing a good environment for ice sports enthusiasts.

Considering the climate of Switzerland, ChainZONE's VISION outdoor commercial displays can not only provide excellent protection in stormy, rainy and humid weather conditions, but also show excellent display quality in extreme environment. VISION's exclusive LOB technology gives full play to its advantages of high brightness and high contrast ratio to ensure a high-definition visual experience even in the case of low visibility.

VISION series display use intelligent modules and separate power supply design to make the display more quiet during operation, and can also be customized various special shapes. In addition, VISION series displays add signal and power backup and other functions to ensure safe and reliable operation. With light as medium, injecting new impetus into the ice sports economy, to let more people feel the fun brought by ice sports in the commercial displays.