Remote cloud conference preferred LED display

Why do conferences prefer LED displays?

Quick response, smooth and efficient meeting

Nanosecond-level response technology brings a smooth interactive experience, no need to worry about problems such as freezes and delays in meetings, high-stability video image transmission, real-time sharing of answering status and messages in different places, and making remote meetings feel like co-existing in the same room Communicate smoothly.

Super synergy, rich meeting forms

It can be connected to any terminal such as network cable/HDMI cable/wireless network, directly connected to the large LED screen, to realize remote conference split-screen display, multi-screen real-time online interaction, and the equipped conference system, which makes it easy to collaborate in different places, and supports conference notification/calling/voting/ With functions such as recording, you can not only view various data documents synchronously, but also annotate in real time. The focus of the meeting is clearer, and you can enjoy a more intuitive meeting experience and more efficient meeting communication.

Seamless splicing, any screen size

It supports multi-location and multi-person real-time interaction to ensure the smooth holding of large-scale conferences, which perfectly meets the scale of remote conferences.