Ten years of cooperation | Chainzone is committed to writing a new chapter for the longest expressway in Malaysia

As the longest two-way expressway in Malaysia at present, the North-South Expressway in Malaysia runs through the west coast of the Malay Peninsula with a total length of 772 kilometers. The North-South Expressway connects coastal roads and other important domestic roads, and is an important transportation hub in Malaysia.

Chainzone, as the designated supplier of high-speed traffic signal products for the North-South Expressway in Malaysia, has a strategic cooperative relationship for more than 10 years.

So far, we have successfully provided and replaced more than 70 sets of traffic signal products for them, and provided timely intelligent traffic signal system solutions according to the gradual expansion of the North-South Avenue. Among them, according to the characteristics of Malaysia's north-south highway extending in all directions and the traffic flow is particularly large, Chainzone installed a VMS on the North-South Expressway to effectively guide the driving traffic to travel in an orderly manner.

Chainzones VMS is widely used in highways, and has won praise from customers for its powerful traffic guidance function. We have adopted a brimless design, and the surface of the screen is smooth, so that no dust or snow accumulates, and it has a certain self-cleaning ability. At the same time, our VMS adopts lens technology, full-color output, more uniform color performance, and more outstanding warning effect. It adopts dust-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion aluminum cabinet structure, and the protection level is IP65. Even in the humid and hot climate environment in Malaysia, it can ensure normal operation and long service life!

As people pay more and more attention to the timeliness of traffic, Chainzone has also cut into the needs of the times in the application of LED intelligent traffic signal products management system to create safe and reliable road signal products.