The composition and structure of the LED display.

LED displays have become a part of our lives in many different places around us, such as airports, large shopping malls, sports fields and billboards. Taking into account the components and structure of the LED display, its design and construction leave a deep impression. The following will briefly introduce the basic composition and structure of the LED display, and understand its perfect combination of engineering and creativity.

The LED display screen consists of three parts, namely LED, content source, and controller. And the display also includes several LED display unit boards, which are connected to each other to form the main body of the LED display. After connecting to all unit boards, content can be displayed seamlessly. The control system can be divided into two parts: the video processor and the video control system, which are hardware and software respectively. The LED controller has different functions, mainly depending on the size of the display, the content of the light source and the requirements for use. The content source can be input devices such as computers, camcorders, DVD players, etc.

The structure of the LED display. The LED display contains several different components that work together to present content to the audience. Although the display screens also have different status quo and sizes, they all have the same basic components inside. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is composed of independent LED display screens. The light-emitting diode panel includes a rack, a power supply, a transceiver card, and an LED module. Each module includes diode, driver IC and PCB.

The light-emitting diode panels are connected to each other to produce mutually connected light-emitting diodes. The console receives the content and sends a signal to the LED panel. If the source content and the displayed aspect ratio are different, you need to adjust the content according to the source and controller. The video wall composed of all these LED displays can be used for multiple purposes.