What should I do if the LED display has color difference?

With the rapid development of domestic technology in the field of LED screens, LED display products are used in various applications in daily life. As a green and energy-saving outdoor high-density LED display, it has a wide range of applications and can be seen everywhere in the market. The brightness color cast of outdoor high-density LED displays has become a key concern for customers. The brightness and size of the LED display are mainly affected by the quality of the LED lamp beads. When the LED display heat is not exhausted well or unevenly, it is likely to cause common failures of the LED lamp. In order to ensure that the color of the information displayed on the LED display screen and the color of the playback source remain extremely uniform, the actual effect of white balance is one of the most important indicators of the LED display screen. The size of the visibility angle affects the audience of the LED screen, therefore, the larger the LED display, the better. The uneven loss rate of the red, blue and green LED lights is likely to cause deviations in the LED transparent screen. The size of the visual angle of view is critically affected by the packaging method of the core tube. Because the brightness of the LED lights is different, it is likely to cause flickering of the screen.

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There are many types of outdoor high-density LED screens. Outdoor environmental protection, energy-saving, high-brightness, convenient LED displays and other products are very rich. The regulations on displays in various fields are also the same. Therefore, when customers are distinguishing the quality of LED displays, they should choose the display. In the case of the screen, you must choose according to your own needs to ensure that the functions of this product meet your own needs.

In recent years, LED display products have been used more frequently, resulting in a market trend of high demand. The rapid development of the market is mainly driven by the demand for LED display information, LED lighting and lighting.