What is the cause of the flower screen phenomenon on the LED display?

Half of the outdoor LED display or the phenomenon of blurry screen is caused by the following two factors.

1. The outdoor LED display has no display or half of the display.

In the LED display, only half of it is a common fault. Of the content that must be displayed, usually only part of it is displayed, which affects the advertising content and store brand image. Generally, there are many factors that cause this fault condition, such as: the internal power circuit line is aging, which causes the circuit line to be cut off, resulting in a part of the display module not receiving all normal power supply; or the LED driving characteristics are relatively poor, which makes it impossible to work well or Abnormalities often occur during work, resulting in the current supply cannot always be balanced. In view of this situation, it is necessary to dismantle and commutate the matching switching power supply route, so that the internal current power supply network of the display screen can be connected and supplied normally, and dismantle and replace the rated drive during unstable or abnormal operation, so as to ensure that the current of each phase is normal. Distribution, so as to obtain a smooth operation.

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2. Part of the outdoor LED display has a false screen.

One of the common faults is that a part of the LED display screen has a flickering fault. Because the customer is not a professional, the phenomenon of screen flickering often causes many problems to the customer. The main reason for this failure is: due to the long-term application of the LED display, the internal transmission data route is aging or the module board is caused. The quality of the drive is not good and unstable. At this time, the matching aging accessories should be removed, or the cause of the faulty drive of the module board should be repaired, so as to deal with the problem according to the problem, until the LED display is repaired and used normally.